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Take the Shortest Road from College to Industry via the Institute of Employability Skills.
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We are a team of experienced professionals from the core sector of engineering industry offering solutions in various domains. VSIPL is a Bhopal based Training and placement company started in march 2012, by Mr. Sudhir Chand Jain. One of the most unique and important domains that we are into is the training by which VSIPL is trying and its skills human resource requirements. We introduce here our ‘Institute for employability skills with Hands on Engineering Training'by VSIPL team, to Engineering students, Engineers, Diploma and ITI holders on a wide spectrum of machines listed in one of the sections here. We welcome technical graduates and the core industry to be a part of this revolution that aims at benefitting one and all. Our focused yet a wide approach to address the increasing requirement of training freshers is a first of its kind in the country.

Mission & Vision

Create a pool of Qualified Emplyoable/Industry ready Engineers by enriching them with different Skill Set matching to various core sector industries.
Engineers are engaged in Construction of one or other comfort for Human being.
More & more employed Engineers means Rising GDP of the Nation with more comforts. Rising GDP means, fighting successfully with Poverty.

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