Lets Discuss about Education and Employability Training

september 19

One is considered to be Employable, if he fulfills following conditions:

1. Basic Knowledge level of the core education. This acts as body of an automobile,
2. Basic extra Certificate courses ,additional to the education like that of an automobile’s accessories.
3. Attitude, self initiative and Eagerness to perform and learn,similar to fuel of the automobile,
4. Training to the Individual with soft skills, and how to use the knowledge to perform tasks, this is similar to using different types of tyres, wheel covers, tyre inflation as per the road and load,tuning of brakes & lights,adjusting seats & mirrors and so on.

A vehicle/automobile owner seldomly puts a brand new & basic vehicle on road to ensure safety and Higher performance. Similarly an Industry ensures all above traits in Just pass Graduate to ensure safety and performance.
It is seen and experienced that some of the Colleges and Academicians don’t like Training. They take Training as scar mark.They should take care of point 1 as above such that the fresh graduates are strong in academics. Colleges ‘s role is limited to 1 above, however if they can contribute on 2,3 and 4 above either directly or from out side their students will be employed in Core Sector accordingly.
In my opinion Training or addition of 2,3 &4 above from out side other than the college which secures them them Employment should be a matter of Joy to them today and tomorrow in long run.

Wishing all the best to Upcoming Aspiring Engineers.

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